Technology Operating procedures

Representatives : Corinne Bouvier (CNRS), Patrice Got (CNRS), Christine Felix (UM) et Nicolas Cimiterra (Ifremer)

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This department aims to bring together the technical means to ensure the best possible mutualization in service of research; it is split between Sète and Montpellier.
Several types of technical support exist in the UMR: (see chart listings and technology department website)

5 joint units

These are technical means essential to the smooth functioning of the UMR.

8 technical platforms

They include the technical means allowing to conduct analyzes in a particular scientific field:

• Molecular Biology
• Chemistry-Biochemistry
• Plankton
• Bacteriology
• Sclerochronology, Biometrics
• Physio-histology
• Flow Cytometry
• Benthos

2 experimental platforms

Microbex in Montpellier and X in Sète. For the time of an experience, these platforms provide a space for projects and specific means for each site.

The Microbex platform is also accessible, according to its availability, to teams not belonging to the UMR, in the manner defined in the platform operation sheet Microbex (website MARBEC).

MARBEC MARine Biodiversity, Exploitation and Conservation, is a research unit which includes the staff of 4 organizations: IRD, IFREMER, UM and CNRS. Its objective is the study of marine biodiversity in lagoon coastal and offshore ecosystems, at different integration levels, molecular, individual, population and community aspects and the way humans use this biodiversity.