UMR Marbec


MARBEC MARine Biodiversity, Exploitation and Conservation, is a research unit which includes some of the staff of 4 organizations: IRD, IFREMER, UM2 and CNRS. Its objective is the study of marine biodiversity in lagoon coastal and offshore ecosystems, at different integration levels, molecular, individual, population and community aspects and the way humans use this biodiversity. Join Us


The IRD (Institut de recherche pour le développement) is a French research organisation, original and unique on the European development research scene.


Ifremer is a research institute that contributes to the knowledge of the oceans and their resources, to the monitoring of marine environment and to the sustainable development of marine activities.


The CNRS is a multidisciplinary French research organization and conducts research in all the scientific, technological and societal fields.


The UM is a university whose activities cover extensive scientific and technological fields.


Montpellier UniverSity of Excellence mobilizes the strengths of 19 institutions to bring to the foreground a thematic university of intensive research in domains bound to the agriculture, the environment and the health.