Nicolas Bez


Institut : IRD



Pôles communs : Expertise


Senior scientist in fisheries science & geostatistics

Getting start in linear and applied geostatistics

Research activities

Research interests
Spatial statistics : theory, practice, software.
Trajectories : model, biologging.
Fractals : theory.

Publications : 29 Book : 1 Oral presentations : > 50

Field work
Participation to scientific surveys (plancton, demersal or pelagic trawl ; acoustic ; CUFES).

Team management

2009-2014 : deputy director of the research unit “Exploited Marine Ecosystems” (80 permanent people, 40 PhDs). Laboratories in France (Sète) and overseas (South Africa, Peru, Seychelles, La Réunion, Ivory Coast). Contracts ≈ 1 500 K€/year. Certification ISO9001.

2001-2008 : coordination of 2 Europen Union (EU) projects.
ISTAM : Improve Scientific and Technical Advices for fisheries Management. 13 partners.
CATEFA : Combining Acoustic and Trawl data to Estimate Fish Abundance. 6 partners.

1993-2015 : participation to 7 EU projects.

Implication in scientific societies

Association Française d’Halieutique (AFH)
French Fisheries Association
President (2005-2009) and Vice-President (since 2009).

Association Française de Statistique (SFdS)
Member since 2004.

Conference organization
Member of several organizing committees : AFH (6 times), ISEC2014, GeoENV, ICES …


Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMO)
Participations to Working Groups of ICES, ICCAT, and IOTC.

Technical expertises
Geostatistical expert for DFO-Canada since 2009 (snow crab biomass estimation).
Geostatistical expert for FAO (octopus in Morrocco ; 2003).

Member of the Sciencitifc Committee for the Fisheries agreements between EU and Mauritania
Member of the Scientific Committee of IMROP (Mauritania)


Academic : regular teaching spatial statistics to undergraduate students ( 50 hours/years).

Research scools : research courses of one week (2-3 weeks/year).

PhDs : 10 PhD students supervised. Particiption to 8 PhD’s committees and to 8 defenses.

Trainings : Supervisor of 13 students.



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